Dish Wipes (100 Sheets)

Dish Wipes (100 Sheets)


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Made in British Columbia, Canada

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Dish Wipes™ are an all-in-one solution to hand washing dirty dishes – Never wash dishes with a dirty old cloth again! Each Dish Wipe is loaded with Happy Soap’s concentrated Citrus-Scented, Eco-Friendly Dish Washing Liquid – powerful enough to wash a sink full of dishes with just one wipe!


Fill the sink with warm water and add one Dish Wipe while the water is filling up and watch the grease-cutting bubbles rise. Next, clean your dishes using the Dish Wipe. Rinse & let dry.

Do not use in Dishwashing Machines.

On-The-Go Cleaning

Remove one Dish Wipe from the cannister and dampen with warm water. Next, wipe down your dirty dishes, rinse & dry.

Multi Surfaces

Remove one Dish Wipe to use as a cleaning wipe for countertops and appliances. Removes grease and leaves a sparkling shine.

Dispose of wipes after each use – do not flush down drains.

Free up your counter space, and do not leave old, dirty rags on your countertops again – consolidate your dishwashing needs with Dish Wipes. Pro Tips: Try Dish Wipes while Camping – All you need is a sink!

Ingredients: Water, Sodium laureth sulfate, Cocamidopropylamine oxide, Sodium chloride, Fragrance, Methylisothiazolinone.