KF94 Black (Willow Style)


KF94 Black (Willow Style)


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Dr. Ravina Kullar, an infectious-disease specialist, epidemiologist, and spokesperson for the Infectious Diseases Society of America, says the “KF” in KF94 stands for “Korean filter,” and the “94” indicates a 94 percent filtration efficacy. “It is the South Korean equivalent to the N95 mask, with a few differences.

It combines elements of an N95 mask with those of a cloth mask, contouring close to the face with an adjustable band around the bridge of the nose.” Many people like them because the tentlike shape creates a little pocket of extra space between your mouth and the mask.

You might assume that, because of the one percent difference in efficacy rates, KN95 masks do a better job. But “there are no head-to-head trials [between the two],” says Dr. Aaron Glatt, chief of infectious diseases and hospital epidemiologist at Mount Sinai South Nassau. He says what matters more is how tightly each mask fits your particular face shape and size.

94% Filtration rates


Package of 10 masks

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