Kids KN95 + Adult Petite KN95 (10 pcs)


Kids KN95 + Adult Petite KN95 (10 pcs)


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Product Overview

A step above a surgical mask that provides more respiratory protection than a surgical or cloth mask and that can be used in certain clinical settings. Five layers of high quality non-woven, hot air cotton using regulatory melt-blown fabric technology and rated to capture 95% of 0.3-micron particles. KN95 masks do a good job of preventing virus transmission and have strong breathability standards.


A professional level protective device designed for any situation that involves airborne particles. An essential Face Mask to have when a higher level of particulate filtration is required.  Commonly used in healthcare settings and medical first responders, but great to have in any emergency or for enhanced safety.

Our Children’s KN95 Face Masks are constructed to fit smaller faces from ages 3 – 16, and can be used by adults with small faces as well.


  • Greater than 95% Filter Performance
  • 5 Layers of Non-woven, Hot Air Cotton
  • Melt-blown Fabric
  • 5 Fine Particle & Bacteria Resistance
  • Safe and durable
  • Good elasticity, low pressure ear loop 

Available in colour Red.


Sold in package of 10 masks.

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