Procedure Earloop ASTM Level 3, 3-Ply Kids Mask (50 pcs)


Procedure Earloop ASTM Level 3, 3-Ply Kids Mask (50 pcs)


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Made in Ontario, Canada

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Product Overview

Premium quality Pediatric 3-ply surgical masks manufactured in Canada with materials that adhere to or exceed regulatory standards of ASTM for surgical-grade mask construction. These masks provide the highest standards and are a good fit for children or adults with smaller, petite faces. Created with superb craftsmanship, the masks provide lightweight comfort, ease of breathability, durability, germ filtration & convenient packaging.

ASTM Level 3 Rated: ASTM International sets the preferred standard in healthcare for best practices and requirements for performance and materials in masks. They follow FDA guidelines in the four main areas of Fluid Resistance, Differential Pressure, Filter Efficiency and Flammability.

Measurements W: 5.9” X H: 3.5”
Colour Blue or Pink
Manufactured In Canada
Use Range Medical Facilities
Personal Protection


Material and Performance Specification
Material Non-woven Fabric
Contains Latax No
Bacterial Filter Efficiency ≥99.88%
Differential Preassure ≤3.17
Particulate Filter Efficiency ≥99.7%
Fluid Resistance ≥160mm Hg
Flamability Rating Class I



Blue, Pink

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